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Acne Boot Camp

Start Clearing Your Acne Today!

By using Face Reality products and following a strict at home regimen, you can expect to see clearer skin within 3-6 months! The Face Reality Acne Boot Camp has a 90% success rate!

How Does it Work?

We will guide you every step of the way! Not only will you receive products that are specifically formulated for your type of skin and acne, but you will receive detailed information to take home that will guide you through each week of your acne boot camp. This includes:

  • What products to use and when

  • Educating material on pore clogging ingredients

  • A list of foods and supplements that will help your acne and as well as foods and supplements to avoid

  • Lifestyle factors that can aggravate acne

  • Consistent support and guidance throughout your treatment

What Treatments Can I expect During My Visit?

Treatments you can expect to receive at your bi-weekly appointments include:

  • Mild chemical peels

  • Hydrating enzyme exfoliating treatments

  • Extractions

  • LED Therapy

  • High Frequency

What if I Can't Come in Person?

No problem! We accept in-person AND virtual clients for the Face Reality Acne Boot Camp. Virtual clients will see just as much improvement in their skin as long as their home care routine is being followed as directed.

How Much Does This Cost?

The Face Reality Boot Camp varies depending on whether you're seen virtually or in person. For both in person and virtual clients, expect to pay between $150 - $200 in products throughout your treatment.


Virtual Clients: $250

This includes an initial consultation, and 6 virtual visits scheduled every two weeks (3 months total). This also includes continuous support from your esthetician via text message or email throughout the 3 months of your boot camp.


In-Person Clients: $550

This includes an initial consultation, and 6 in-person visits every two weeks (3 months total). Expect to have a facial treatment at each visit that is specifically tailored to your skin analysis findings. You will also receive a free 60-minute virtual consultation with a health coach who will address your goals in obtaining and maintaining clearer skin, as well as any other life and health goals, and will offer you additional support and encouragement. Click here to learn more about Micaela Giovannotti your Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Continuous support from your esthetician via text message or email throughout the 3 months of your boot camp will remain constant.

I'm Ready To Book!

If you're ready to start your journey to clearer skin, please click below. You will need to watch the on-boarding video which will go over other important information about the Face Reality Acne Boot Camp. After viewing the on-boarding video, you will need to pay a $20 deposit to schedule your initial consultation, which will go towards your boot camp fee. We look forward to meeting you!

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