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Meet Kara Duarte

Kara is the owner and esthetician at Glo Up By Kara. She has been in the skin care industry since 2012 and started her career in body waxing before eventually moving to skin care and facials. Kara is licensed as a Skin Care Specialist in New Jersey and New York and has a medical assisting license as well as an associate degree in science. She has worked in various medical practices and med spas where she developed her love for science backed skin care solutions and products. Acne prevention and treatment became her passion while dealing with her own difficulties with adult acne, and she developed an appreciation for those going through the same struggles. Kara takes pride in the fact that she's not afraid to ask for help. Her connections in the medical field have been a key factor in developing the skin care knowledge that she has today. That being said, she believes that also looking at the skin from a holistic standpoint is a necessity when it comes to successfully treating the skin. Glo Up- from the inside out!

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