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Hair Restoration- Procell Microchanneling


60 minutes


Procell Microchanneling is a great non-surgical treatment for those suffering from hair loss and has little to no downtime. This process uses a stamp-like device containing tiny sterile filaments to penetrate the scalp creating controlled micro injuries. These micro injuries in the scalp stimulate fibroblasts within the dermis to created collagen, elastin, and glucosaminoglycans. In addition, Procell's stem cell serum is applied to the scalp during this process, and is packed with Cytokines, TGF-β3, antioxidants, and peptides which will stimulate hair stem cells within the follicle and hair bulb to initiate hair growth. At home Hair Serum is included. Packages available at a discounted rate.

*Please note that 6 treatments are usually required for full results

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