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DMK's Cryo Pro-X & Quick Peel Treatment

DMK's Cryo Pro-X and Quick Peel treatment is great for those struggling with acne, dermatitis, rosacea and other inflamed skin conditions, sun-damaged skin or skin that is environmentally damaged, aged skin, and skin with a large build-up of dead skin cells, or anyone wishing to refresh and revitalize dull and tired looking skin.

**This facial takes 2 hours to complete.

DMK Quick Peel is first applied to the skin creating a psuedo heat that helps increase circulation, oxygenation, and nutrient supply to the skin. This may feel "spicy" on the skin but is perfectly safe and effective!

Cryo Pro-X™ is applied next! Your skin will feel "cool" or "freezing" depending on your sensativity levels. Cryo Pro-X™ works by freezing, fracturing and having your dead skin cells fall away.

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